Triangle Truck Parts offers truck suspension parts and systems for a wide variety of vehicles. We specialize in fleet, industrial, utility, and auto parts in San Gabriel Valley. Whether it’s large trucks or smaller vehicles, we have the sales team, technology, experience, and ability to make your suspension the best it can be. If your vehicle does not receive proper suspension maintenance your driving will not be as smooth as it could be. Lack of suspension upkeep causes vehicles to bottom out while going over bumps, bounce, dip, and steer sideways. Why deal with the dangers and hassle of poor suspension when you can have one of our professionals get the right parts for you? The suspension parts and systems that we provide, will help straighten and smooth out your ride.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is important for a smooth and safe ride. This system helps you stay in control when you are on the road, while minimizing bumps and harsh vibrations. If you haven’t had a suspension check in a while or if you are simply concerned, give us a call and one of our expert sales technicians will help you locate the right parts. Whether you have a suspension issue or any other problem, we will come up with a solution for you. At Triangle Truck Parts, we can accurately provide you with any suspension systems and suspension parts that you will need for your truck's services and repairs.



Leaf springs

Springs and hangers

Fleet – Industrial – Utility – Auto

Complete truck and trailer suspension systems

Shocks – Shock absorbers

U-Bolts and many other components

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