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Your all around source for
any of your truck parts needs for 50+ years!

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Power steering services in San Gabriel Valley

Triangle Truck Parts offers steering services for a wide range of vehicles. We specialize in fleet, industrial, utility, truck and auto steering systems in San Gabriel Valley. Whether it’s large trucks or smaller vehicles, we have the technicians, technology, experience, and ability to make your steering the straight and smooth. If your vehicle does not receive proper steering maintenance your driving will not be as fluid as it could be. Just like your suspension and transmission, steering upkeep is necessary for the longevity of your vehicle and your own safety. Why deal with the dangers and hassle of poor steering when you can have one of our professionals provide the parts your need to have it taken care of? We will help straighten out your ride with the steering parts and accessories that your car needs.

Your vehicle’s steering system is important for a safe and controlled drive. At TTP we recondition all types of steering. If your vehicle requires a lot of effort for steering then there may be something wrong with the power steering system. Instead of wondering or worrying about this call one of our our expert sales technicians will provide the parts to take care of the issue. Whether it’s a steering issue or not, we have the parts to fix it. At Triangle Truck Parts, we can accurately provide any steering component that your vehicle may need for service and repairs.

Steering components:

  • Fleet – Industrial – Utility – Auto
  • Fluids
  • Rods and steering linkages
  • Steering boxes
  • Power steering pumps
  • Hoses
  • And more!